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Corporate Family Day 2022

Posted on 24 Oct 2022 | 2 minute read

This year has been incredibly busy for us, making it challenging to relax and truly enjoy each other’s company. Last month we hosted a family day with great food, a few drinks, and great company. Rarely talking about work, the team exchanged hopes for the upcoming months, met significant others, and enjoyed activities with the kids.

With the importance of company engagement at an all-time high, reconnecting with our staff on a personal level has been a top priority for us post-covid. Over the years we have found that hosting family days have been incredibly beneficial by:

Securing Employee Retention
We appreciate our staff and have the utmost respect for the dedication and hard work they have put into Tiger Corp, especially over the last two years. By hosting a company family day, our employees have the opportunity to re-energise and become more productive by taking a short break from their daily routines. These events allow our staff to connect with their families and find common interests with co-workers and managers, which brings us closer together as a team.

Encourage work-life balance
One of the biggest learnings we have had from the last 2 years is that staff may find it challenging to balance their responsibilities at work and at home. By organising a company family day, we encourage a balance between work and personal life which has now become an integral part of our business.

Thanks to the Bleakhouse Hotel in Albert Park, the Tigercorp team and our families had a wonderful day that was long overdue and much earned.

TC Family Day Staff Photo

Missing from the photo on the day are Scott, David, Hannah, Sophia, and their families

Author / Sarah Taylor

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