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Sometimes you just need to shed a little light on the subject and make your workplace stand out.

We manufacture and install beautifully crafted LED signs (including neon LED) for internal and external use.

Everything from open signs and wall art for promotional events, to lit signage in retail stores. We have created LED business signs for hundreds of businesses across Australia.

LED signs have low energy usage, a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours, and emit no heat or noise. They come in white (cool and warm) and lots of colours plus RGB  (Red/Green/Blue), this allows the colours to be changeable and closely matches Pantone (PMS)  colours. (as an example, if your logo is turquoise, we can closely  match it with RGB LEDs ) Dimmable LEDs we have found are essential on SKY signs or a reception sign that throws too much light, we can supply a remote or fixed switch for these.

Ask us about options for your logo, we have countless images and so many options available to send over.

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