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Tiger Corp. manufactures and installs retail and business signage that will make your business stand out from the rest.

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At Tiger Corp. we know signage is a fundamental element for your business. Your visual communications strategy and your brand depend on it. 

We design, manufacture, and supply products and services to leading retail and corporate businesses around Australia.

Our dedicated, innovative ‘think outside the box’ design team are forward-thinking leaders in the retail, business, and corporate signage solutions industry. 

Our highly experienced and dedicated project managers will help you find the most cost-effective and diverse solutions to your project. We can assist you to select the right material for your application, create, design, or working within company profile specifications and provide expert installation and maintenance.

We manufacture the following signage:

  • Large format digital prints
  • Wall graphics
  • Point of sale items
  • Visual merchandising
  • 3d lettering & logos (in acrylic, metal, foam, MDF & wood)
  • Led & neon signage
  • Lightboxes

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Why choose Tiger Corp?

Friendly & Knowledgeable team.

Proactive and creative with every product.

Find and manufacture a perfect solution every time.

Deliver products manufactured to the highest standards.