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Special Finishes

Stand out from the crowd with our special finishes.

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Over many years we have developed an excellent understanding of the finishes required to make your project unique.

Finishes include:

  • Patinas – these are applied to various metals with different processes to make them age (oxidise) sometimes with a finish or texture underneath the patina. They range from black to different shades of brown through to a wide colour spectrum. We always run sampling and supply advice to our clients to care for & maintain your finishes.
  • Paint finishes include Acrylic, 2pac, enamel, and other specialised paints. We usually paint logo or apartment signage but have also hand-painted visual merchandise campaign signage and display.
  • Plating & Anodising: There is again a wide range of plating available such as nickel, chromes, or golds. We prepare the metal by polishing, brushing (texture) the surface of the metal, then it can be electroplated with the metal finish and in some cases clear coated.
  • Other unique finishes include tumbling brass or inlaying logos and lettering into a substrate.

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