Identification Products

At Tiger Corp. we provide high quality engraving for all personal, corporate and industrial applications. We can print, laser or conventionally engrave on either flat or cylindrical shapes and on most materials which include brass, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, zinc and plastics including trafolyte, laminex, 2/3 ply engraving plastics, abs, acrylic, glass, wood and magnetic rubber.

Products we engrave/manufacture:

Name badges

  • Printed or engraved
  • Sublimated in metal or plastic in  black and white or full colour
  • Engraved in metal or plastic and  colour filled 
  • Milenium in plastic and colour  filled 
  • Epoxy resin doming finish
  • Name badge fittings- magnetic,  pins and clips

Nameplates & Deskplates

Directory stats/ Nameplate


Metal Stamps 

Heat Brands      

Meat Brands  

Paper Embossers                                          

Wax Seals                                            


  • stainless steel 
  • brass 
  • copper 
  • aluminium and wood
  • cast bronze

Industrial Plates (metal & plastic)

  • machine plates 
  • security identification 
  • plumbing/electrical tags