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06 May 2013


 Quick fact: Did you know ‘Cinco de Mayo’ means the ‘5th May’ and was traditionally celebrated in Mexico to commemorate the homelands army victory in the early 60’s over France in the Franco Mexican War.


Cinco de Mayo is becoming a worldwide celebration and a great excuse to have endless amounts of tacos, cerveza and margaritas. Mexican cuisine and taco trucks are here to stay and have become a Melbournians staple diet.

Tiger Corp. recently worked on some Cinco de Mayo shopfront signage for Mexican cuisines new kids on the block ‘Acland Street Cantina’.  Great job by the Tiger Corp. team, all window signage and graphics were a success.

Acland Street Cantina is a cracking Mexican hot spot which also has its very own mexi-mart and liquor store...What more could you ask for! Check out their website and have a peak at their mouthwatering menu and special offerings.


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